Just like your former one, I have a great dream to achieve. And I'll have your Miraculouses! I'll even give you the Peacock and mine as a bonus. From now on, your lies will come to life. I don’t know, but he’s hiding something for sure! But in return, you'll need to do some capturing for me as well. I'm giving you the power to play with them! With it, he has the following abilities: Hawk Moth akumatized himself so that nobody would suspect him. Nathalie, you take care of Paris. Once you get rid of Cat Noir, you can take his place. I'll destroy everyone of you! Forgive me for needing you again one last time. The feeling of injustice, such easy prey for my akuma. But I may have found a piece of jewellery in New York, which might enable me to beat Ladybug and Cat Noir, to get their Miraculous and to make the wish that will bring you back to me. Soon I'll be able to have him decipher the spellbook for me and maybe, who knows, even get my hands on every Miraculous known on Earth! Because Ladybug is the only true hero unlike her mediocre imitations, such as Volpina. That's Cat Noir's kwami. Miracle Queen, I'm giving you the power to reign over Paris and command your very own army of superheroes, all I ask for in return is-. Congratulations on your demonstration, Miss Marinette. It'll force her to switch back and her true identity will be revealed, and her Miraculous will be mine. Rogercop, I am Hawk Moth. Just make sure you get me Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous in return. You'll be continuing your music, Chinese, and fencing classes, and your photo shoots. Added 31038 times. I'm glad to have you back. Once you've got them in front of you, you'll be able to honor our agreement. [...] Your defeat will be my greatest achievement! When I do, you won't even remember the meaning of the word fun! A thwarted artist, his shattered dreams and the collapse of his whole little world. Get ready, Mayura. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Hawk Moth Funko Pop #361 Vinyl Figure at the best online prices at … I will. Capture it or follow it all the way to its owner. It's moments before the shield caves in. Vanisher? You slipped by me this time, Ladybug and Cat Noir. Cat Noir has called on his power but he can't use it. Good job, Miraclonizer. A powerful negative emotion. The mere fear that harm might come to her little protégé! Simply the best!Meet Marinette, just a normal teenage girl living a normal teenage life, right? [...] It's damaged. Ladybug. You will seize Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses for me. No one will stop you from capturing the love of your life. Yes, I'm busy. It's too far out of range. Fashion Hawk Moth Miraculous Ladybug Pins Stone Butterfly Brooch Costume Noir. He used his powers for evil after his wife apparently died from using her miraculous too often, for the master, Wang Fu, lost The Butterfly Miraculous and the peacock which ended up in the hands of the Agreste family. Add to library 5 Discussion 9. But after Nathalie get the guardian's tablet he fixed the peacock miraculous so it wouldn't hurt the user. Quite chilling. Fly away, my beautiful Akuma, and evilise this broken heart! And I've got all the time in the world. In. They have to be inside the building, Oblivio. At all. Disappointed by Ladybug, and jealous of Cat Noir. I will have to find this guardian of the Miraculous, wherever he is. They've had a very strong friendship ever since they were young - a relationship that no one can ruin. Nathalie has offered to organize you a new schedule. Gabriel refusing to participate in The Challenge. Who also cannot bear to see the one he loves suffer. I'm hoping you won't let us down. Crushing defeat is the ideal steel with which to forge a blade of revenge! I won't sugarcoat the truth, and next time I will destroy you and take your Miraculous! Marinette and Adrien both went home, and then the city waited with bated breath to see what Hawk Moth would do next, expecting the worst. At the start of the game 6 of the Miraculous are set aside and the Moth Brooch in his Realm It’s important for you and I to be able to trust each other. You haven't seen the last of her. My evil akumas, you are going to have such a field day. But I'm preparing an act of vengeance for you that will leave you speechless. I'm giving you the power of illusion. Someday, I will triumph, and it will taste of such sweet revenge! [...] I will help you. My dear Audrey, I heard about the unforgivable misfortune you had to endure. Especially when I can make it a reality. They made a mockery of your science, I'm ready to believe you. Don't treat me like an idiot! Ladybug wants to strip you of your superpowers? We'll be a team, and your powers will have no limits. You may have eluded me this time, Ladybug, but one of these days, I'll be ruling the world! All of his friends having such important and serious things to do. A blooming friendship brutally ripped up. I can give you the power to shoot your arrows, pierce love, and impale friendships. I will be. Who said anything about evil? Absorb their fear, Horrificator... Feed on it! These interdimensional creatures are called Kwamis. Would Hurt a Child : A significant number of his akuma victims are small children, and while the infant August's first akumatization was an accident, he goes along with it … So I shall build a new one! "Reverser, I am Hawk Moth. Don't believe for one second that you've won, Ladybug! What is this? Dahhh! This is just the beginning, Ladybug. My theory was correct. Yet again, my young prey fails to be the center of attention. As Ladybug starts lending miraculous to her friends and obtains new powers, Hawk Moth is not surprised and even does some preparations himself, even finally finding the guardian until the latter loses his memory. I'm granting you the power to make up for lost time by stealing it from others! Oni-Chan, I am Hawk Moth. I am Hawk Moth. Blasted Valentine's Day! If you want to give Paris back to the pigeons for good, you must first rid the city of those two pests. Ladybug! We're going to have to make them even simpler. Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir • Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug • Wang Fu, Chloé Bourgeois/Queen Bee • Alya Césaire/Rena Rouge • Luka Couffaine/Viperion • Max Kanté/Pegasus • Nino Lahiffe/Carapace • Lê Chiến Kim/King Monkey, Nooroo • Plagg • Pollen • Tikki • Trixx • Wayzz, Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth • Nathalie Sancoeur/Mayura, Marc Anciel • Aurore Beauréal • Ivan Bruel • Manon Chamack • Juleka Couffaine • Mylène Haprèle • Alix Kubdel • Nathaniel Kurtzberg • Rose Lavillant • Ondine • Sabrina Raincomprix • Lila Rossi • Kagami Tsurugi • Wayhem, Vincent Aza • Théo Barbot • André Bourgeois • Audrey Bourgeois • Caline Bustier • Butler Jean • Alec Cataldi • Nora Césaire • Nadja Chamack • Sabine Cheng • Anarka Couffaine • Mr. Damocles • Gina Dupain • Tom Dupain • Simon Grimault • Jalil Kubdel • Ms. Mendeleiev • Clara Nightingale • Philippe • Roger Raincomprix • Xavier Ramier • Penny Rolling • Bob Roth • Santa Claus • Jagged Stone • XY. In the experiments, the moths tracked robotic flowers that were oscillating at rates of up to 20 hertz – twenty oscillations per second. Nobody? My love, being far away from you will be nothing short of torture. If Zombizou is right, if love does always conquer, then someday, my most cherished wish will come true for sure! The jewel was indeed the Miraculous of the Eagle! There! Time for you to use your scare tactics, Horrificator, and thrive! But now, I am more above suspicion than I’ve ever been. Chloé Bourgeois must become Queen Bee again! Emilie, we miss you so much. Soon, I'm the one who'll pulling the strings, Ladybug, and that day will come sooner than you think! There are no exceptions. $5.49. I give you the power to seek revenge on them as my weather girl. No, don't use him, he's completely useless. The time has come for us to find our next victim, my wicked little akumas, and to prey upon Ladybug and Cat Noir. Get closer, akuma! The cane contains a hidden blade, making it a swordstick for combat, as shown in the episode "Robostus". They are Ladybug and Cat Noir. Would Hit a Girl: Hawk Moth doesn't hesitate to akumatize women and fights Ladybug directly in "Mayura". Ladybug and Cat Noir, Gigantitan may not have been big enough for the job, but I promise my next villain will be more than you can handle! or Best Offer. You stole my Christmas presents, Ladybug. The costume fits you like a glove, as I knew it would. How many times have you tried to tell your prince how you feel? Give me Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous! How frustrating. Where there's a winner, there's always a loser. I'm sorry, it took some time, I know. Well, I'm giving you the power to steal those powers from them, and win back your friendship. Heart Hunter, I am Hawk Moth. [...] Well, that potential is all I need to seize Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous! And most likely, a guardian. Humiliation and anger, the perfect elements for transforming a loser into a winner. Ladybug has helped your daughter escape by giving her a Miraculous. According to Adrien in \"Adrien's Double Life\", ever since the disappearance of his wife, he is a changed man. [...] I'm doing it for her, Adrien. Letting Adrien go to New York will be simpler than hiding my absence here from him. Huh–?! Well, they're right. Very exquisite creation. Cat Noir! Miraculous Ladybug Hawk Moth Cursor. A perfect stadium for my dear akumas. You're not done with Volpina yet, Ladybug. Yes. Watch out Ladybug! But it's time to start filming. A champion of victory has been stolen. Fly away, my little Akuma, and evilize her misunderstood heart! One of these days Ladybug and Cat Noir, your treasure will be mine. Now's your chance! What could possibly happen with you here to protect me? If you don't want the party to be ruined, your only option is to hand your Miraculous over to ME! What will be the trend tonight? Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir & Gabriel Agreste | Papillon | Hawk Moth (403) Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug (209) Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir & Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug … [...] My dearest Mr. And Mrs. Bourgeois, I hereby present you the Gabriel Couple Cloak, a symbol of eternal love and bonds of marriage. Fall on them like rain, my scarlet akumas! Alright, kids. Fly away, my little Akuma, and evillize these sad souls! Hawk Moth’s Rap Song Miraculous Ladybug. Fly away and evilize their scarred hearts! Brand New. Ikari Gozen. So show me. Ladybug, Cat Noir. Ladybug Miraculous Chat Noir Hawk Moth Kwami Adriana is a young, american teenager, who is living with her cousin Adrien for her high school years. Using a broken Miraculous ends up breaking its wearer. So I was right. Ah, the suppression of a soul demanding liberty and freedom. You can't run forever Ladybug, and when I catch you, I will crush you! But rest assured, one day I will be the one who rewrites it! [...] You're powerless against me, old man. How brilliant from me to send myself such a powerful ally from the future. But revenge is a dish best served cold. But I can feel a negative emotion not far from her. You smashed through my plans like an icebreaker, Ladybug! Everything's going to plan. I think it was also due to something special -- A Miraculous! By lying and manipulating my son. On second thought, I think this photo is going to help me get that young girl in particular away from my son once and for all. Parent-child relationships can be so complicated and the perfect breeding ground for stress. Behold my triumph, Parisians! Isn't that right, my pretty akuma? And after you've shown them how they make you feel, you will do something for me in return. If only I could tell Adrien why I'm doing this. Some fake, yet others very, very real. I knew it! His safety is your number one priority. However, in return, you must bring me back Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses. Then, we'll finally be together once again. Free shipping. Leave now! Once the original victim is vulnerable again, as seen with Ivan in the next episode, the wielder releases the akuma. It's both of their Miraculous that I lack! They're making a serious mistake. The moment you challenge me is the moment you seal your fate! Their fear will make you powerful enough to defeat Ladybug and Cat Noir. Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous have been activated. Nooroo, time to harvest. As of today, nothing will stop me from getting your Miraculous and making my greatest wish come true. We must have missed something. Don’t let me down Malediktator, or I’ll take away your powers! Except she'll be too late! The brave will become cowards. [...] No! So you better watch out. Buy It Now. And there's nothing I can do. Fly away, creature of the dark and evilize his broken heart! But the strongest anger isn't always necessarily the nosiest one. Gabriel owns the Butterfly Miraculous, which grants the power of Transmission. Hmm. After all, what could be more emotionally powerful than a baby throwing a giant temper tantrum? However they want to do it. In return… [...] That, and his and Ladybug's Miraculous, would be perfect. [...] Your idea was brilliant, but you don't need a Miraculous to help me. She will be… my masterpiece. I like that idea. [...] Mayura! I'm giving you the power to track them down and devour every single one! He's the image of perfection, don't you think? Then, we'll see how long you will remain hidden, Ladybug and Cat Noir. He has a unique card type Miraculous. Nathalie, I need Mayura to give this negative emotion a new dimension. I, however, love a good game. Fly away, my little akuma, and evilize this pure soul. It won't be long before frustration turns to anger! There's nothing you can do anyway! Such a tornado of negative emotions surrounding such as meaningless photo. 2. May I? Just take their jewels, the Miraculous. Come here, my little friend. Hawk Moth (real name Gabriel Agreste) is the main antagonist of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. […] That's my weather girl. And I'm giving you the power to capture them, but in return you must get me Ladybug and Cat Noir's magic jewels, their miraculous. How did they do it? Animation. That plan is pointless without you. I shouldn’t chase that girl [Lila] away. Not today or any other day. So much sadness. But now I know I can’t keep the book or you locked up in this house forever. Lady Wifi, I heard through the grapevine that you're seeking to unmask Ladybug. Strike them, Frightningale! If I can capture them first, I will form my own army of Miraculous wearing super villains, and defeat Ladybug and Cat Noir once and for all! Nothing at all! The sample garment doesn't match at all! All I have left of her is this book. I'm only asking you one thing in return, Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous! To receive your powers, say "Liiri, wings of prey!". Party Crasher, I am Hawk Moth. Well, she can count on me to give her my full attention. And then… nothing. They've come to stop you from completing your soup. Emilie, I miss you every moment. It's simply honed my appetite all the more. I can feel a negative emotion. The English version was released worldwide on December 13, 2019, on the official Miraculous YouTube Channel.2 1 Synopsis 2 Characters 2.1 Major characters 2.2 Minor characters 3 Trivia 4 Gallery 5 References Marinettetells the abilties of theButterfly Miraculousand brief history ofHawk Moth. Horrificator, I am Hawk Moth. And I won't wait for Ladybug and Cat Noir to become adults! I couldn't bear the thought of losing you. In two episodes, Hawk Moth said that "revenge is a dish best served cold". […] Ladybug and Cat Noir must be destroyed if you want to obtain ultimate retribution. I know that feeling of hunger only too well. [...] No! Adrien! I'm sure Ladybug and Cat Noir will deal with [Chloé]. A Petri dish of cultivating secrets, lies and betrayal, the thriving vivarium for my evil akumas. Since his bodyguard has failed to keep an eye on Adrien, there’s only one way for us to uncover his secret. Your show is pathetic, and so is your contestant. Oh, but don't you worry, I'll give them back to you as soon as I'm done with them. Of course she'll persuade Ladybug and Cat Noir to stop you from accomplishing your duty. I will have absolute power! Just remember I'll need something in return. Capture them! Then, betray them and bring me their Miraculous. I've never felt such utter despair! You know the rules. Techlonizer, I am Hawk Moth. Ah... Tears of disenchantment. Freeze them! [...] Perfect. I want that absolute power, Nooroo. Hawk Moth is a playable Villain. He calls Adrien from the limbo pulled up to take him home. Such sweet music to my ears! I want to help you unite everyone together with love, at last! Now, bring their Miraculouses to me! Aren't you supposed to be working on your fencing moves? I don't think Adrien's completely indifferent to Chloé. Cat Noir. You don't scare me, Ladybug. "Ladybug has joined the party at last! So correct you are. Forever! Just what I need to swiftly recover from the defeat of Vanisher. It'll be easier for you to overpower them if they're forced to sing and dance! A film shoot... oh, yes. And they will be. [...] If she really loved you, she'd let you save your mother! Adrien, my son. Everyone thinks it was all due to Lafayette's exceptional potential. I still have one chance, Nooroo. Revenge is a dish that is best served cold, so watch yourself — I'll be ready to strike again! But today, I can feel my prey has more malice in her than anyone I've ever akumatized before. Only one row in the house is befitting to Audrey Bourgeois and that's the first. The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir! Be ready in case Ladybug goes and hands her the Bee Miraculous. She was very pleased with my humble suggestion of using you. Mmm. Watch; Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Hawk Moth Funko Pop #361 Vinyl Figure. Ah... School life. If you want to continue destroying love, bring me Ladybug's Miraculous, or I'll remove your powers! ADD. Please. His goal is to claim the Ladybug and Cat Miraculous to gain their absolute power that he needs to achieve his dearest secret wish, not caring if he causes people to harm in the process. I've acquired more information that will enable me to track the Guardian down. Ladybug. Then he re-akumatizes Techno-Pirate and gives him the eagle miraculous to make him more powerful. When you control that one, you'll have won everything, and Ladybug will be defeated. Merging them will grant me absolute power to reshape reality, and finally reverse our past mistake. So you weren't invited? Ladybug and Cat Noir can't have escaped. As for you, my desperate loyal ones, disappointed by she who you once admired so much? You ruined everything, Ladybug. Just as well. I sense a talon like no other in this young Lila. [...] I'll take your silence as a yes. The Miraculous were practically mine! You should’ve trusted me, son. Your champions are trapped! Protecting Adrien from harm I can smell the bread that's being baked with flames of fury. I warned you. I'm giving you the power to silence him for good. Thankfully, Ladybug has a formidable team to support her. No one will be able to resist it, especially Prince Ali. Fly away, my little akuma, and prey on her despair! Fly away, my little akuma, and evilize her. […] Stormy Weather, I am Hawk Moth. With the help of their friends, Marinette must save Paris from Hawk Moth and his akuma's. Ladybug and Cat Noir's reign has gone on long enough. Wretched pigeons, wretched Ladybug. [...] Chloé Bourgeois is really quite... unique. I can feel it. But you'll be back with us very soon. You must therefore bring me their Miraculous, to punish them for their naivety. I have a strong feeling it could prove very useful to my quest. And I will make you my slaves, just like Nooroo! I can give you the power to steal and clone any technology so you can get your revenge on them! So young, and already gifted with an incredible ability to galvanize people. The behind-the-scenes creator who never gets any of the credit. I'm only asking for one tiny reward. Alone, deprived of friendship. They really are quite unique. A great artist was wronged today. […] Everything you need is right here where I can keep an eye on you. He helped Washington's troops win the Battle of Yorktown. Such disappointment, frustration, and negativity... Oh, how it fills my heart with exhilaration. Adrien Agreste is way too innocent to be wary of her. Superpowers aren't child's play, my dear Chloé Bourgeois. Poor little mermaid. How could I have failed? The show is in three days! Here, Hawk Moth stores many white butterflies that, once corrupted, become akumas, which he uses to akumatize his victims. You're gaining more allies, Ladybug, but don't rush to rejoice. Adrien? Fly away and evilize this angry high school girl. Hawk Moth is my name and Bubbler is now yours. I'll get my revenge. Negative emotions. Syren, are you going to let Ladybug steal your prince away from you? Soon Paris will mourn their heroes. [...] To all of you who have invaded my house, now face the most fearsome supervillain ever created! I love it! [...] Then make the right choice. I'm giving you the power to protect your daughter from anything that brings her harm. I'm giving you the power to invert anyone. But there's something you must do for me in return. [...] And in return, of course, you must get hold of Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous. Yes. Ah. Mayura. A failed bodyguard who can't perform his duties? Fly away, my little akuma, and evilize him. Let her go, she'll bring us Cat Noir. Return to Results Page for Washington Insects . Watch; R 2 F I S F p o W F 5 n S P s o r e d. Do we have an agreement? So pure. Since the innocent isn't to be believed anymore, I'm giving you both the power to expose the truth. You can't even stay transformed after you've used your powers. Gabriel Agreste (a.k.a. Way too overly dramatic. Hover me. I know you like that, my little evil akumas. This is perfect. Ladybug must've found you out, but there's no way she'll be able to figure out what I have in store for her next. Glaciator, fire! Find Marinette and her friends and evilize them all! Forgive me, Emilie. Poor Mr. Ramier. I was right in the middle of something very important, what do you want? How tragic it is to feel unloved. Feast, I am Hawk Moth. What am I supposed to do? Copycat, stop the small talk and get me Cat Noir's Miraculous! [...] I'm the only one who decides what's good for my son! Cat Noir. An image of Hawk Moth created by a swarm of akumas. A friend who could help us achieve our goal. Without either of you noticing! I don't care how many enemies I need to throw out to win, but I will be. Find them! What would Paris be without pigeons? A perfect recipe for my Akumas. 1. He is from the TV series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, which started its run in 2015. But soon, I'll be broadcasting the end of Ladybug and Cat Noir! If they can't save his son, then Gabriel Agreste will have to show up. You may seek your revenge, but only after you take hold of Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miraculous first. That was considerably faster than the two-hertz maximum rate observed in real flowers. You'll have no choice then but to hand over your precious Miraculous! They bring out so many uncontrollable emotions. I did what I had to do to keep my secret. Guitar Villain, I am Hawk Moth. Since then, he used his miraculous' power for evil. Do we have an agreement? She'll come back of her own accord. A man of power feeling helpless as a father. Once I have your Miraculous, you will be powerless against me. Some day soon, Ladybug and Cat Noir, the order of things will reverse and I will win! You can't run forever Ladybug, and when I catch you, I will crush you! You truly are exceptional! If the rocket wouldn't take off because of YOU, a world war would be declared! I need both of their Miraculous anyway. That's the problem with superheroes. Unless you give me your Miraculous of course! But another is forming quickly. You won't pull it off like that! Noooo! The end of superheroes has come! ...Quite a temper. But in return, you must help me achieve my high score. A dance of doom. It won't be long before Ladybug and Cat Noir show up to meet their doom! Ladybug, Cat Noir, give me the ladybug earrings and the cat ring now. Hawk Moth surrounding himself with darkness may also be a reference to these moths, as most types are nocturnal. Meanwhile, Hawk Moth finds the perfect subject to test his new found powers on; Ivan Bruel, a student who gets angry after being mocked by Lê Chiến Kim over not having the courage to tell Mylène Haprèle about how he feels about her. I sense very strong negative emotions from him. Behold my powerful army and have no doubt that today belongs to Scarlet Moth! This is perfect. Mr. Pigeon, I'm Hawk Moth. Start with the school. In " The Collector ", the lair is revealed to be connected to Gabriel's atelier in the Agreste mansion by a pathway. I'm giving you the power to chastise the boy you thought was your friend, who has hurt you so terribly. The hope of being reunited with one's true love, only to find out that the waiting has been in vain! Miraculous! Bring me the Miraculous, Befana!"[...] I can't give up, Nathalie. A frustrated police officer with a passion for justice who has his hands tied... the ideal prey.