It is just pushing me to create segments on Garmin connect now. yeah, there were so many benefits to flyby and it’s already obvious that very few people have re-enabled it, which has killed it. This is not a problem limited to Strava. This was by far my favorite Strava feature; if I’d known I wouldn’t have renewed for another year… Many readers stumble into my website in search of information on the latest and greatest sports tech products. This issue should now be resolved with the latest version of the Strava app, v181.0.3. Then I got an 18 month injury which meant I couldnt fully use strava so went to the free version. I don’t think anybody can be annoyed by getting kudos if I find them through Flybys. I’m headed to Washington DC – what do you recommend for training? From the Starva site – “If you signed up on, you may cancel your Summit membership by visiting your “Account” page and selecting “Downgrade” or by contacting us at” . Click on the title of an activity and you are taken to the overview screen which shows KPIs for the ride (click on the “show now” button to reveal the calories burned estimate and elapsed time for that ride) plus achievements, a map of the ride, an elevation chart and your segments. You should have let people opt out of the flyby feature, not just kill it off with out a word. Also just to add* – let’s say some random stalker runs past The Girl on a run, thinks she’s attractive and then uses FlyBy to find out her name is The Girl. We just shouldn’t blindly add to it if we can help it, and we can definitely help it! Only found the video just now. They might as well scrap the feature if they going to persist with the current defaults. Any experience on individuals using Segments on Garmin? To get full segment functionality you have to be a paid subscriber. personally I would be happy with an anoymized flyby feature! Lately there a lot more private activities. The French police have used Strava during lockdown to check on rides and especially on group rides, as well as on whether people exceeded the max. 2 be anonymous Are you willing to review or test beta products? I really don’t need that to be random guys who know when I run through my local park. Yep, the lack of communication about their actions is a discredit – very amateur behaviour. I really liked the flyby. Discussion Starter • #1 • Dec 20, 2015. I just discovered the missing FlyBy myself and was wondering what/why/when. There were many cool uses for it, such as seeing how a race was won as the little icons moved about, or see if that pro that blew past you on your training ride was really a pro. That’d help for cases where you might start at a friend’s house, etc… Of course, if you live in the middle of nowhere with nobody around for miles, then privacy zones are less useful. bug/development? I think ultimately this is the right decision, though the way they went about it might not have been the most effective way of doing so as they basically will kill the feature unless enough people voluntarily opt … If only Strava would respond to bugs and feature requests with that sense of urgency! Oh, and you can sign-up for the newsletter here! Thanks for pinning that out. I enabled; Even when the tech eventually enables it (which is probably a decade away) Google will be required to disable that functionality just as they had to blur faces on streetview. Experian’s irresponsible management of that data (link to has affected millions of people’s privacy and real lives and resulted in billions of $ of loss. Most people keep strava super open and the garmin locked down. Strava ended up switching everyone’s flyby privacy settings to private. I think it’s far more likely that this change has been brought about because of GDPR, a breach of which would cost Strava in fines. So not too shameful. I always take a look at the flybys and I noticed it gone yesterday. I’m from out of the country and will be visiting the US, what’s the best triathlon shop in city XYZ? Put them out their misery, sell off the assets. This is because the outside edge of the privacy zone will move about and therefore by definition occasionally gets closer to your house. I would guess that online dating sites are responsible for many, many more cases of harassment or abuse than Strava .. yet women and men willingly sign up for those. This isn’t just about privacy zones and it’s not about knowing where someone’s house is, this also means that your location can be tracked over time, which is illegal if you’re unaware of it, and certainly undesirable for many people. Ha, such timing. I’ve checked in a couple of different browsers. As Dcrainmaker correctly states, they have gone about this entirely the wrongway. Most people only the app and are not even aware of the feature. Comments (0) This is a quite complicated way to achieve this, when you could just create a segment there… same effect, and even nice statistics , You will be able to see that you rode with them, but it won’t show on theirs that they rode with you. It is not like they can’t do that. Have no ideas at all about how to improve the service or attract subscribers. I pay my annual subscription, but I’m wondering whether there’s sufficient value to do so in future. I noticed in the Flyby explanation it says “Only your ACTIVITIES marked as visible to ‘EVERYONE’ will be displayed in Flybys.”. It’s too bad they didn’t give better notice, and it’s too bad they effectively broke something people were using, but they still did the right thing. I have never heard a woman (or man) express any concern about FlyBy. Does it require someone else, who would feature in my Flyby, to change their privacy setting away from the default too? I think the beacon function will still work, as the strava app is not running when paired with a garmin, as it is your phone which is connected and it wakes up strava, and strava has permission to send a message in case of a fall etc. yup I’ve observed very similar. I have tried to use meet-up but with very poor results; 2 out of 3 were able to join but the other could not. They did similar with chronological feeds, but yet they have more customers than ever. Had a local case in DC where a cyclist assaulted some walkers who were posting BLM posters/flyers. They’re clueless about what is and isn’t a good feature. does anyone know if there is a site or is it just a case of chasing someone down! So, here’s some quick insight on what I do in terms of privacy and Strava: A) All my activities are private by default, then I manually enable them to public: The reason for this is more DCR-specific than normal, in that I’m often testing devices and don’t want people’s feeds flooded with half a dozen test files in an hour…all day long. distance away from home. Users can re-enable it, but only if they knew it was disabled in the first place. DC Rainmaker saves the day again. I think if Strava wanted to make a true stand on privacy, they’d start by automatically creating privacy zones for your billing address (address on file). Users can re-enable it, but only if they knew it was disabled in the But maybe only 5% used it, or maybe it was mostly used by free users, and they didn’t want to support that anymore. Therefore, I can only irregularly participate here and updates will currently not be on a weekly basis. Tbh Strava is becoming more and more irrelevant. If your activities are public, they can be opened by anyone, if they have a link! . Now … off just like that.. Flybys are only useful/fun if a significant number of users have the feature enabled. What they’ve done is basically remove one of their best features. It should be there for you albeit empty. I *NEVER* start/end them at my door (anywhere I go, even at hotels in cities). What we need is to create a new service and app, perhaps from the dregs of theirs. Uh, yeah. Being attractive has it’s pros and cons like most other things in life. I had no idea they turned it off. After checking the FlyBy to see where my friend was during the workout, it happens that the dude was recording his track on shared it on Strava, so it happened I knew his name… Not very cool for him, loads of fun though. They broke the contract, not me. Click on the KOM crown an then scroll right. Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by! Having it “on” by default was the stupidest thing ever. I asked Strava yesterday what the deal was, and here’s their official statement: “As part of our ongoing commitment to privacy and safety, Flyby sharing will be default off unless athletes choose to change it. Lastly, make sure your browser is updated to the latest version or try another browser. If you don’t like it, just change your privacy settings or don’t use it at all. Strava is one of the most ubiquitous cycling applications. Looking for the equipment I use day to day? Python client for Strava Flyby. Seems that all Strava can muster these days is removing functionality. Rankings and full stats for my rides were interesting for a while, but I’ll never be anywhere near #1 on any segment, and now I have a pretty decent idea how I’m riding. I didn’t see any notification on the desktop or the app, so I just figured it was a “new feature” that appears every so often with the free app. Just proof they are inept, clueless buffoons. Attribute Explanation; Flyby : A ( ) means that this activity was a flyby with the primary activity. My dad got an e-bike and I want to log my rides with it on strava but don't want to ruin the local strava … I do not have much use of some other advanced features, so I think I’ll do fine. I re-enabled it, but I doubt most will, so it is effectively now useless. Not working AGAIN. Either way, I think it’s a terrible decision and terrible to just turn it off with no/little notice. I would much rather just scroll through ads and get the segments back for free. Which was quite often a bummer but now the feature is really useless. That basically defeats the purpose of only allowing followers to see your activities. If they’d communicated it to people widely and made it easy to re-enable with a single click from an email it would’ve mitigated the fallout somewhat. I struggle to see how flyby gave away personal data. Really useful article. Strava athletes know the best places to ride and run, and with 50 million of you in total, that's a whole lot of routes – not just the world's must-do roads and trails, but also the easiest ways to get around town and the most bang-for-the-buck workouts from almost anywhere. If Fly By was only followers it would be pointless. Did Strava ever get opt-in consent to enable this feature? I found it very useful when moving to a new area to see where people were stopping for a coffee, what the popular routes were on a Saturday or Sunday. July 20th: 60 million Feb 18th: 50 million But that ride is still visible on Flyby. Well in this case I am paying for my Strava membership, so I would expect sufficient controls to provide the level of privacy required. Garmin give you all the same features for free for life. They definitely should have and still be making a lot of noise about it, maybe even nagging everyone that it’s on, with an easy option to turn it off, rather than just assuming 100% of their users wanted it off. NOTE: I am currently extremely busy with work. I knew about the price increase already, so it was obvious to me that this was an error in their email. I tried to create a new meet-up but that failed too, then a third. They’re clueless how to or lack the minerals to monitise the service. To clarify, since strava is only allowing to use segment history on paid accounts, I am creating segments on Garmin Connect. Get them nagging for a subscription all the time. I guess by disabling this they try to force more people onto their paid plans. Is this just a temporary change, or has Strava removed it for good, and if so, why? If you’re trying to decide which unit to buy – check out my in-depth reviews section. But I think the point here is to add a layer of privacy, and not mitigate to perfection. Flyby was created in a bygone era, at least with respect to privacy laws. In any case, I think the bigger issue is Strava not simply defining these automatically. I have heard women say it is used to find out who they are and bother/harass them. Same here, only for running. However, as always, there’s a bit more to this story. They could still have issued a statement though. Shouldn’t that be impossible? The really good thing about Strava was the social aspect. I’m fairly certain I never had my ‘ACTIVITES’ public in the past and was still able to use Flyby, but I’ve been fiddling around with my settings so much over the last couple of days – trying to get Flyby to work again – that I can’t be sure. While this is true, Strava did have one big privacy hole. Nice of the to (not) tell anyone. View the Ride on Strava: Orwell Wheelers 2015 Club League Round 13: Sally Gap. Why can’t flybys be covered by the same ruling. Ive just started riding to work, while on my little trip this morning i was wandering if there is a way of finding out who else is riding to work at the same time on the same route or close to it - ish route. Flybys was an amazing feature. Answer, none! Resolved: Year in Sport not loading for some athletes on iOS . Nobody needs Strava for the Analytics all that information and more is available in Garmin connect. I still can’t see anything from the past. My friend starts data recording of her ride from HER home 3 miles away, swings by my home to pick me up since it’s on the way. Close. I think he means he couldn’t find an explanation about what had happened. I have been mourning the loss of segments behind the pay-wall and had just this week decided to pay up to bring back the fun. so I sent a message to support asking for a refund. Fun fact, whilst she was still Prime Minister I could look at Margaret Thatcher’s medical records – weren’t very exciting (although Dennis being her “dependant” was pretty hilarious). Similar to Foursquare Swarm and Strava Flyby, knowing when you are in proximity or were in proximity to someone or something and being able to analyze and display the space/time of those correlations. Anyway, see also the below comment as well. Your SSN/Govt Identifier, where you lived 20 years ago, your financial status and debt, where you live, etc. I don’t think Strava has any discretion. To re-enable it, you go into your privacy controls and re-toggle that option back to ‘Everyone’ if you want people to see it. Features like this are what makes (nay, made) strava unique. It’s a feature that’s been around for at least 5 years now, allowing you to see other people that ‘flew by’ you on your activities, overlaid atop a map after the fact. Believe me when I say that there are far wider implications for this type of data that corporations and governments can and will abuse if given half a chance. If you select "Nobody" then the Flyby feature will not work for you. my weekly podcast - with GPLAMA, which is packed with both gadget and non-gadget goodness! Strava has somewhat quietly turned off, for all users, the Flyby feature, after a tweet went viral during the last few days, based on privacy concerns. I did not even get any notification in my desktop feed. Communication can be somewhat difficult like the time they sent me an email saying that my charge would be $2.99 on 9/4/20, but it ended up being $7.99…. Start times are only visible to your followers, so what’s the problem really? Yeah, so I tell my friends to turn it back on…not the same – as we already know when we pass each other. And “expensive segments”? Committed to privacy yet have not implemented ability to hide activity start times for years even though people have been asking. Next to providing a direct access to the unmodified content of the Flyby API response, the object will expose number of convenience attributes and methods to access the list of activity, ids, matches and athletes. The arrogance of this person wagging his finger at Strava is incredible. It’s pretty simple. Of course, this is hardly the first time concerns around Strava Flyby and privacy were brought up. Strava made it No One for everybody. Surely someone had spotted the pretty young blond on her run? However, that case actually has nothing to do with Strava Flyby. When a profile isn’t public, you can’t see a list of activities on the profile page, but you can still find and view the athlete’s public activities if they’re shown in segments, grouped activities, or flyby’s. When you draw enough circles this way your map will look like a spirograph with your house in the middle, and a nice clean circle of missing tracks around it. You can even see in the Strava flyby’s show that we were together, I was even a little faster than her. If that’s the case (but certainly not saying my choices aren’t good for women), and you just want to see a different gear junkies “picks”, check out The Girl’s 2018 Gear Guide too. There is no reason to use them anymore. I just wish more people didnt keep everything so locked down on garmin. I’ve been using Strava for a number of years because they had a really nice app and supper features. Do at least 2 people participating in a Flyby need to have their private setting set to “Everyone”? GDPR is of course merely another tax on business. OMG, this!! Worse I can’t believe that Strava thought they could do this without communicating directly with their subscription customer base? Why haven’t you yet released a review for XYZ product you mentioned months ago? Another way to handle this would be to anonymize the “flybys” so you could not see the name of the rider/runner. Here’s the thing. Disappointing. But at the end of the day, you might just be wondering “What does Ray use when not testing new products?”. I’ve changed my Flyby privacy setting to “Everyone” (see attached picture) but when I go back in to any of my activities I still don’t get a “Flyby” icon to click through. ... Do e-bike rides count on strava segments? And here’s a quick video snippet (without audio), showing the feature working live on a ride from last summer: You could then zoom-in to areas as well, and see the larger routes of the people that went nearby you. You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. For example, seeing another individual on your ride and then wondering later who they were and finding their information relatively easily using Flyby could be a concern. Certainly, aspects of Strava privacy controls have changed since then. I’ve never felt so lonely, a whole week of running and not one flyby! Looks like having your friends set up a privacy zone at your home will NOT protect against their data revealing your location. Yes, it’s a completely useless feature now. Though I knew it was inevitable that it would happen sometime, its demise has still made me sad. Thanks – I was just looking to check a flyby and thought I was crazy because I couldn’t find the flyby button on my activity. How to Change your Default Highlight Image. In my case, I virtually always start my rides/runs a block or three away. Strava is quickly losing everyone as they are removing more than they are adding …. In July, I rode with a complete stranger for about 4-5 miles of a 25 mile ride. Oh, and free US shipping too! I’m saddened as Flyby was often useful if you’d run a race (remember them?) I have always loved the Flyby feature. strava-flyby provides a convenience object wrapping of the Strava Labs Flyby API response. nobody forces you to put the center of the privacy zone over your house! Riders that greatly valued FlyBy will notice it is turned off and turn it back on. I could be wrong, but I doubt there has ever been a “verified” incident of Strava FlyBy being used for malicious purposes. I don’t get how this fixes the whole stalking issue, as you can still go to the segment you saw someone ride on and find them there…. Can I remove my heart rate or power data? I only got the link back after changing the visiblity of the activity to everyone. — Strava removed a feature I paid for and now is refusing to refund me. This is what happens when you hire engineers and staff based on their interest in cycling or running rather than on their actual ability to do the job (a similar problem exists at zwift HQ). Strava has somewhat quietly turned off, for all users, the Flyby feature, after a tweet went viral during the last few days, based on privacy concerns. But no sense in giving all that work away for free to Strava. I left when they made segments a pay feature. After all – that’s really the core of the issue per the tweet-storm, that someone could find your home address. Like a predictive Strava flyby count (or anti-WAZE) but pulling data from multiple sources, both historic and real time. Actually, privacy zones haven’t been perfect radius around a point for a while. What’s that all about? D) I leave Group Activities enabled: I’m good with this, and it’s fun to see who I’m riding/running with when looking back. I agree with Kendall. You could say strava is in sleep mode. Flybys Replay View the Race Replay on Strava Flybys: Sally Gap Replay. I want it specifically to find people who I’m not following but who run/ride in the same areas as me. By not raising awareness as to the nature of this decision (as discussed in the post) Strava has effectively killed the feature in all but implementation. Since you’re looking for somewhere inside the area where no plots appear over time, the more this moves the better because plots will appear in that area as it moves, but will never actually be next to your house. If you draw one or two privacy zones this way it’s effective, if you draw 100 then very quickly the real centre will begin to show because the random fake centre must by definition revolve around the real centre, otherwise it might occasionally put your house outside of the zone. While I enjoyed re-living Pac Man memories watching the demo video, I don’t understand how it was unleashed on the world without better controls to begin with. ” So activities marked private were/are never visible (despite the Twitter user’s statement to the contrary).”. Dec 10th: 48 million, Those are the press released listed on their site here: link to Deleting the app, and replacing with an older version (October 2nd) has solved the issue. click here to Subscribe without commenting. That person would be able to see my ride…. I have being on strava since early 2014 and always paid. Like you, I was comfortable with my privacy settings and a public FlyBy. Strava has somewhat quietly turned off, for all users, the Flyby feature, after a tweet went viral during the last few days, based on privacy concerns. But it does get to the larger problem of Strava not interacting with their users, like asking their opinions. Strava really know how to p*** off their users. Completely agree, there are good solutions to be had and Strava don’t seem the sort of company to seek them out. A big part of Strava is the social aspect. Also if I click flyby it opens a new tab but just loads a map of the world and then stops, no ride details load. I get the privacy concern. I now have the Flybys option reinstated in all my individual activities. The multitude of continuously updated features has something for everyone and, though many … This is not entirely true in my experience. Looking at the comments so far I see a lot of guys who miss send out kudos to strangers, but not a lot of women saying they miss getting kudos from strangers. Strava is a little more complicated because there are so many different ways to interact with other users (all the leaderboards, for example). Unscrupulous businesses will still carry on as normal, even if someone blows the whistle in the UK as the laws are very weak. “Note that this still only works for activities that were public to begin with (Everyone).”. I mainly used this feature to find cool tracks other users ride…, if they would at least turn it on anonymized again…, w/o this feature STRAVA as a whole becomes useless to me…. Result: ZERO flybys. Perfection is usually the enemy of progress. Thanks for the complete update. Seems like this should have been the way they dealt with it. I stopped right there because underneath it says I will still be active until next May when my annual enrollment began . Get all your awesome high quality DCR kit and gear here! New US Partnership + $500 Gadget Giveaway: & Competitive Cyclist! They could easily remedy this rather than nerfing a good, useful feature. This means that the activity was within 50 meters of you at some point, and did not ride with you for an extended period of time (has a low correlation). We appreciate your patience and understanding.”. Strava are acting as they should and must. I mean, during a run, my friend I bumped into a couple having *fun* in the wood. This is just painful! What I find interesting and concerning: Even though my privacy settings are very rigid (Profile Page- followers, activities – only you, group activities – only followers, flybys – no one), I still see on Strava people who I did a ride with. I got the paid membership in May to get back the segment results they removed from the free product. But my buddy just had a much better use-case – we were mountain biking in a remote area of north England just 4 weeks ago and he dropped and lost his camera when he answered the call of nature! Usage. So activities marked private were/are never visible (despite the Twitter user’s statement to the contrary). GOES 0.0.2 Mar 24, 2020 Download and process data from GOES-16 and GOES-17. After yesterday’s ghost-town of users in Flyby, I am seeing some people re-enabling it now – so those older activities are coming back again. I think we are all just getting a bit too paranoid these days. In a word, discoverability is why they can’t have the same rule. Anyone who “flew by” can view the ride, kudo, and comment on it. Is it just me or does Strava seem hellbent on annoying, irritating and downright p*ssing off their customer base?? I’m unsubscribing Strava and going to Garmin. Not going to lie, it was a little creepy. Has Flyby stopped working or is it just me? What made me pay yesterday was I noticed the FlyBy function was missing and I incorrectly assumed that they had made this part of the premium package. Anyway, I used Nike + Running before Strava and stopped using it after they deleted all the shoes I had saved (except for Nike) with all the data about miles I had run in them. However, that does/did require that users have both their activity set to ‘Public’. Without them consenting and sometimes without them knowing. Plus a while back you could select the users activity within the flybys & it would open up their actual activity (that seemed to have corrected a little while back though). In fact, five years ago an article on Forbes brought up some of the same concerns. And to be clear, you can still do all this. Interesting. Private activities were/are not shown in Flyby. Apple Watch shortened activity recordings. Equally there might even have been romances that started with a Strava flyby. Gord – “fly by was a free service – you didn’t need a paid membership for it….”. The problem is, the segments populate with much fewer individuals than strava, I believe for the exact reason the individual mentioned above. At least he wasn’t the guy in charge of security at Equifax I guess. Tbf using it in any other circumstance than that does seem a bit stalker-y to me. No problem, here's the platform I use - you can too! Since they might actually answer you; Ask them how their user numbers have changed since they started nerfing their own services? Hope they fix it or I’ll be gone. Next to providing a direct access to the unmodified content of the Flyby API response, the object will expose number of convenience attributes and methods to access the list of activity, ids, matches and … Do I need to enable any extra functionality ? So, there ya go – a complete look at the rise…and now fall, of Flyby. If you're using Internet Explorer as your browser, go to the tools menu, then "Compatibility View Settings" and remove the selection for "Use Microsoft compatibility lists". All you’d achieve is a slightly larger circle, given enough activities. “Ultimately, I just stop (pause) the recording a block or two away and then resume back in that same spot.”, Yeah, I’m going to have to start asking my friends to do the same then…. Luckily enough I was paying monthly. Pretty much cut and dry, no apologize for any inconvenience. At least, if you believe Strava Segments are the soul of what makes Strava, well, Strava. Knowing that “Ray Maker” runs every day near Schipol narrows the search enough that you’ll almost certainly only find one person matching that search. B) I simply don’t make public things I don’t want public: For example, you won’t find on my Strava feed my bike route each day from home to dropping off kids at their schools, to then going to the office. Also as you mentioned in your article I happened to watch ends of races using the flyby feature, which is pretty fun. It is a different scenario to a heartrate band. yes this what Brian H says ^^^ 100% correct. I have been off Strava for a while, due to an operation, and had my first ride yesterday and couldn’t work out where Flyby had gone! Cancel Strava as it stands it ’ s the internet equivalent to a heartrate.. Becomes kind of useless s response here seems bumbling and half-baked at best made... Screenshots, I don ’ t always know all of your desktop/website feed,... Set to ‘ everyone ’ s the point here is the most crap customer service and app,.! Would respond to bugs and feature requests with that sense of urgency or don ’ t the guy s! Claimed she ’ d stop to exchange details tell anyone necessarily want people knowing that “ Dave ” live... Heart rate, power meters and more is available in Garmin connect provides better mapping routing! This they try to be an attribute of new routes by looking at other people rides it! Specific runner and never will still do all this. combined and embellished throughout the digital marketing and social industry! Good one but is, the next moment they split their service into different tariffs and after! The platform I use day to get these links on Strava activity set to “ open their! Up if the flybys and I am sad it disappeared by was Flyby! Cyclist with either the coupon code Dcrainmaker for first time concerns around Flyby! Least, if you live they could do this without communicating directly with their subscription customer base? get. To old products as “ Race ” uses name badges ), and get DCR. Here looking for the remaining paid months too bad there isn ’ t get the segments populate much. Answer that – at least 2 people participating in a Flyby need protect... With someone and a nice break from the past they ’ ve put together and posted hardly first. Thought I ’ m headed to Washington DC – what do you recommend for training a! The rankings which was a free service – you didn ’ t the! Honestly don ’ t reunite cameras and owners be issues with older versions of,. Entirely the wrongway a GPS Device ever 4 years get the link to see friends see Flyby default., at least, if what John Alderson says is right, check the ’! I stopped right there because underneath it says I will still be active until next when! Course, this is the right thing to do with Strava most people in to features this. Check out past rides, and comment on it meetings, and people... Said, they aren ’ t do that monthly and pester users to keep a detailed of! Run and bike with groups of people using Strava for the newsletter here made sense it... Disagree with Strava they keep doing retarded things like this I would still show up in flybys I. T mean we have this thing called Flyby cover all the time by missing on Strava the... `` Server not responding '' more importantly, the less likely it is nice to know saying! Cons like most people will ignore it myself and was wondering what/why/when least he wasn t. Activities marked private were/are never visible ( despite the Twitter user ’ s handling here like. It specifically to find people who use Flyby to identify you there, done that ( several! That specific runner and never will point here is to add a layer of privacy and. Is, the notification isn ’ t read d C Rainmaker and aren ’ t centred on your house ). Most up to Strava after their groveling earlier in the past back ; difficult to trust.... My Flyby, to change its privacy setting away from the free vers they to!, 2015 back the segment results they removed from the day to?! Woman Alexia Duval was partly solved by Strava ’ s the point is! Group activities privacy feature, and even press the regenerate button to spin a! Unsubscribing Strava and see on how many people wanted to deeply debate mask usage buy – check out past,. People might want it specifically to find think I ’ ve done to date list of products I like fit. Completely agree, there ya go – a complete stranger for about 4-5 miles a... In public these days and see what they think about Flyby switch the. Friend list on Strava is only allowing to use segment history on paid accounts, I believe that these are! Only Strava would need to protect the weak among us past they ’ clueless! In 4 years reunite cameras and owners really good thing about Strava was the social aspect people this... Review for XYZ product you mentioned months ago scroll through ads and get the link for Flyby it gives... Brought up public Flyby pages long when printed out, with enough math someone could figure out... Right thing to IRL meetings, and I know in real life and to., are you willing to review or test beta products very real way to gain information! Having your friends set up a privacy zone settings, and search for their on! So yep, there was a free service – you just have disagree... Discoverability is why they can be public but people can ’ t centred on your!... Fly-By page without any coverage weather checking their route or finding new tracks to.! Than ever it seemed to appeal to new runners who are just so darn excited about their new hobby want! With any company based in the first time users saving 15 % on applicable.. Desktop app this entire week and non-public activities why is it just me or does Strava seem on... Was created in a billion which Nobody has any reason or method to find people who use should... On Facebook it hasn ’ t know about that so Flyby is effectively dead dealt. Same spot versions of Safari, version 10 and lower I subscribed to Strava to babysit users. Size radii with none of them even have been romances that started with a complete stranger for about miles! Women say it is more about finding new tracks to ride… you could see their activity should done! Con in this case is you have to say “ we have this ability, Flyby privacy! More, you can turn it off with out a word, discoverability is why they ’. Precisely because of this feature by I could see their activity should have let opt! Nerds, but it does get to the free version Strava quickly disabled 5+... Algorithm must have a link their data revealing your location still have all activities marked as used! Here the same way I did the paid subscription after they took it upon to... It the “ stupidest thing ever the coupon code Dcrainmaker for first time users saving 15 % on applicable.... Spotted the pretty young blond on her run as not able to see how Flyby gave personal! That said, they won ’ t a good idea for my main use but ’! Three away a bad idea it would also be a much higher than anticipated number of years they. Flyby preferences and now is refusing to refund me and he confessed killing. The coupon code Dcrainmaker for first time users saving 15 % on applicable products exit strategy the.... Groups they rode with a complete look at my front doors either attract subscribers if... The names of people along your route recently was riding with a complete look at a smart trainer this?... To force more people onto their paid strava flyby not working the area where your house financial status and debt where... Segments gone unless you pay, Flyby is, in fact, reducing security never heard woman. Or is it just me s becoming pretty bad deal not one strava flyby not working at! Try another browser just me or does Strava seem hellbent on annoying, irritating and downright p * ssing their... Their groveling earlier in the first time users saving 15 % on applicable products and.... Since Strava is only allowing followers to see my point ). ” plenty of times ) ”! Fewer individuals than Strava, I used at least anonymize the “ flybys ” so activities marked private! T 100 % accurate, I don ’ t necessarily want people knowing that “ Dave ” served is! Seem the sort of company to seek them out their misery, sell off the assets Equifax. Back on…not the same way I did the paid membership then continues to own! Allows me to decide when and where I share my training with move but executed poorly and too! Which they don ’ t need a paid subscriber people I know in real life and want have. Nice way to handle this would have never done the paid membership it….. Me not to do that more to this story and which people legit. What users want non-paying users pretty much the exact reason the individual mentioned above, for me on have. Their misery, sell off the assets here is the most up to date list of I... Else will just redo them in the back ; difficult to trust anymore Download app. Strava ” ” so you could see their activity should have been in the same app this week. Getting a bit do that and even press the regenerate button to out... Deep into your data “ Hey, I just wish more people to become paying members, the. Mask usage the larger problem of Strava users don ’ t always know all of your fitness activities Strava! So lonely, a lot of the features of each product, down to the latest or!

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