Critics also questioned Habersham's statement in his report that he "attempted to render aid to the victim by applying pressure to the gunshot wounds," saying that the videotape shows little attempt to aid Scott after the shooting. As George Floyd’s brother put it, “We don’t have to loot and burn. In late 2016, a five-week trial ended in a mistrial due to a hung jury. Humanity is  pushing forward. Like the Occupy movement and the Justice for Trayvon Martin movement, they marched at night for weeks. He has written numerous articles and pamphlets and appears on the media, campuses and in other public venues advocating for peace, equality and the socialist alternative. "[57], Separate investigations were conducted by the FBI, the U.S. Attorney in South Carolina, the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). Ministries Christian Center in Summerville, about 20 miles from North Charleston. Authorities knew that high poverty contributes to increased crime rates. They are people of color; they are white. In response to the murder of Eric Garner, thousands of demonstrators again hit the streets night after night for many weeks, blocking traffic, including on main highways. "[56] It was impactful in Slager's trial after Voshart showed Slager's lawyer, Andy Savage, the stabilized video. Many of the newly activated were not just looking at the racist policies of NYPD and other police forces and public officials, but also at structural racism on all levels. He was released on bond in January 2016. [78], The Walter Scott Notification Act is proposed federal legislation by U.S. All of this was not possible without systemic, structural racism, including a policy of racial exclusion, to make it work. We extend our congratulations, solidarity, and support. Sandra Bland. This is beginning to take shape. Disputes between police and civilians are not conflicts between individuals with equal power. Ten thousand cops demonstrated against Dinkins, the city’s first Black mayor, in September of 1992, and Rudy Giuliani used the heightened racism and anti-crime hysteria to defeat Dinkins’ bid for reelection. Since poverty is the root cause of crime, it must be reduced and eliminated. Coming from a family of police officers, he called the deaths of the two officers a “national tragedy.” He went on to write, “We need to understand that their recent deaths are in no way related to the massive protest against systemic abuses of the justice system as symbolized by the recent deaths—also national tragedies—of Eric Garner, Akai Gurley, and Michael Brown.” “The killer wasn’t an impassioned activist expressing a political frustration,” argued Jabbar, “He was a troubled man.”. Prisons are the largest government housing programs in the U.S. today. But so has the broad grassroots anti-racist movement demanding justice. The witness who filmed the incident initially said he almost deleted the video out of fear for his life. For days after, the streets of Baltimore were full of mainly young people demonstrating. There is another dimension that negatively affects everything: we have a white nationalist, neo-fascist president in the White House. For democracy. There were those who argued that voting rights would never be won. They should be weeded out and prosecuted. Like many of these horrific cases … Feidin Santana witnessed the murder of Scott and recorded it … The Police Complaint Review Board in NY was not independent of the police. They occurred under mayors John Lindsey, Abe Beam, Ed Koch, and David Dinkins. Our history as a nation shows capitalism and slavery are an especially toxic mix. Not everyone who passes a test and meets the physical qualifications makes a good officer. "He saw it at age 14 and it changed the course of his life." Demonstrations are occurring all over the country, in cities and small towns alike, even around the world. [66] A retrial had been scheduled to begin in August 2017. The fightback may start with the excesses and killings by the police, but to win fundamentally it must lead to a united labor and people’s movement fighting for economic and social justice. Defund the police: a popular demand for police departments not to be the largest item on municipal and state budgets; Set federal standards for police behavior; Establish local civilian-run police accountability boards with the right to discipline, fire, and prosecute police misconduct; Pass a bill to make public the records of police brutality and use of lethal force. [24] Scott fled, and Slager drew his .45-caliber Glock 21 handgun, firing eight rounds at him from behind. Since Reagan’s election in the 1980s, with “new right” neoliberal ideology and trickle-down Reaganomics, things have taken an even more ominous turn. In light of the poverty and harsh conditions of life imposed on communities of color, the role that the police are ordered to play to try to maintain order without justice is problematic. Police rebellions against elected mayors over charges of police racism, brutality, and killing happened before. [52] In North Charleston, whites make up 37% of the population, but the police department is 80% white. We look forward to your comments and feedback! [6], At 9:30 a.m., April 4, 2015, in the parking lot of an auto parts store at 1945 Remount Road,[19] Slager stopped Scott for a non-functioning third brake light. Scott had previously been jailed three times because of the child support payments. Every year, the city of New York pays out tens of millions of dollars in settlements for police abuses. Since then, the police killings have continued, as have the protests. He worked many years as a truck driver and loved spending time with his family. The murder of the two officers created a problem for the movement. That story was told to me by Gus Hall who went on to become the General Secretary of the CPUSA. We are writing to you after a very challenging weekend, preceded by an extremely difficult period of time marked by intense violence─physical, psychological, and … Until justice is done, the struggle will continue. After several years working in various industrial jobs in the Philadelphia area, where he was a member of the Amalgamated Lithographers and the Teamsters union, he moved to New York in 1967 to become the national chair of the DuBois Clubs of America, and later founding chair of the Young Workers Liberation League. He never got the Taser. In some states ex-offenders are denied the right to vote, and since most employers won’t hire them, these former prisoners face a lifetime of unemployment and poverty. Just as government meat or building inspectors need to be policed, the police need to be policed. Today just like back then our people will not starve! Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an international activist movement, originating in the African-American community, that campaigns against violence and systemic racism toward black people. Throughout the whole Garner struggle, Lynch became a loud voice defending the accused officers, even in the face of video evidence. At the Police Academy commencement ceremony for new officers at Madison Square Garden, the PBA was able to organize another back-turning protest. But the thing that worries the ruling class most is the massive multi-racial, anti-racist movement that has exploded on the scene all across the nation. The radical ideas and violence associated with the Black Lives Matter movement are simply the latest eruptions of a type of left-wing politics that goes back decades, at least. In a May 2017 plea agreement, Slager pleaded guilty to federal charges of civil rights violations, and he was returned to jail pending sentencing. [40], Critics, such as the Reverend Al Sharpton and the predominantly African-American National Bar Association, called for the prosecution of Clarence Habersham, the second officer seen in the video, alleging an attempted cover-up and questioning "whether Habersham omitted significant information from his report." It is the system of racial oppression and terror that’s primarily responsible, and this is what must be challenged. This act of cold-blooded murder fueled a new wave of mass anti-racist demonstrations in North Charleston and around the country. Numbers were diminished, but people continued to demonstrate. [54][55][56] The documentary is about Daniel Voshart, a Canadian cinematographer and image stabilization specialist, who claims to have discovered evidence in frame 394 of the shooting video "that challenged the accepted narrative of what transpired between Slager and Scott";[55] and it follows his "moral dilemma of what to do with this potential key evidence". Growing numbers see inequality as systemically tied to the capitalist system. Most African Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, Asian, and Pacific peoples who find themselves trapped in a super-exploited, racially oppressed crisis state of existence are there not because they are  childlike, criminal, inferior, lazy, unintelligent or violent or lack initiative and discipline. [7][note 2][38] The murder charge was the only charge presented to the grand jury. The core constituency were youth—black, brown, Asian, and white coming from the ghettos and barrios, along with high schools and college campuses. It reminds us of the revolutionary qualities of the fight against racism and for civil rights. Expressions ranging from modest sympathy to righteous anger are being heard from all quarters of society. We all remember when the banks were bailed out. BLM protests, largely peaceful, were founded on truth and a call for justice. Fictitious figures like Reagan’s Black “welfare queen” in Chicago, who supposedly picked up her welfare check in a Cadillac, became an argument for repealing welfare. [68], On May 11, 2016, Slager was indicted on federal charges of violating Scott's civil rights and unlawfully using a weapon during the commission of a crime. A reign of terror was directed at young men of color. This was a monumental struggle for freedom of African American people, and it advanced democracy for all. The movement demanded democratic reform, starting with an end to racial profiling, holding police accountable, and rolling back their militarization. [67] However, the state charges were dropped as a result of Slager pleading guilty to a federal charge. The police were able to mobilize public opinion on behalf of the accused officers, and they won. This means that racism is felt most sharply by more than half the population. It is a central reason the ruling 1% can maintain their power and privilege. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina to require the reporting of police shootings by any states with federal funding. Mayor De Blasio supported the right of demonstrators to protest peacefully, including the right to carry out acts of civil disobedience. arbor the pluck of the deer. Every action taken, every experience, if history is any judge, helped undermine racism and raise political consciousness. Millions were criminalized. To say that we are making gains is not a call to slow down but to fight harder because we are getting closer to real freedom. [61] On June 8, a South Carolina grand jury indicted Slager on the murder charge. [27], Immediately following the shooting, Slager radioed a dispatcher, stating, "Shots fired and the subject is down. It appears he  had a real problem among the membership of his own union and faced a challenge for leadership in reaction to his antics. Education. Officers Wenjian Liu  and Rafael Ramos were shot by a mentally ill Black man in the middle of New York’s largest Black community. Tyner was born in the Mill Creek community of West Philadelphia in 1941 and graduated from West Philadelphia High School. Communities were virtually under martial law. Once again, as in Staten Island and North Charleston, a bystander videoed his limp body being thrown into the van while Grey cried out in pain. Auferte malum ex vobis. For socialism. They are deliberately trying to discredit this historic movement against racism and turn it into a gang of looters and arsonists. [22][23], A toxicology report showed that Scott had cocaine and alcohol in his system at the time of his death. Officer Slager was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Walter suggested the local chapters “demand BLM Global Network Foundation stop operating as a ‘fiscally sponsored project’ of the Tides Center.” “That lets the group hide its revenues, assets, salaries, vendors, expenses (broken into categories like travel and fundraising), lobbying, grants to other groups and much more,” Walter said. These right-wing provocations, aimed at identifying the peaceful vast majority of protesters with those who are looting and setting fires, must and will be defeated. It forced Minnesota authorities to fire and arrest Derek Chauvin along with the other cops who aided Floyd’s public execution. Let’s remember that people are trapped in desperate poverty and can’t survive. In the end, only five percent  of the PBA  agreed to sign the pledge not to invite the mayor to speak at their funeral. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the District of South Carolina, and the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division conducted their own investigations. A society that builds jails instead of affordable housing is a society in decay and on the path to chaos and economic collapse. Sen. Tim Scott, South Carolina Republican, has reintroduced the Walter Scott Notification Act, legislation he introduced in 2015 following Walter Scott's death in a police encounter. These actions reminded me of the level of mass protest at the height of the Civil Rights and anti–Vietnam War struggle in the 1960s and 1970s. He actually claimed that Officer Pantaleo did not use a choke hold, causing Eric Garner’s sister to wonder whether Lynch and company had seen the same video everybody else saw. [53], In May 2016,[54] a short documentary film about the shooting called Frame 394 was released by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Millions have been victims of these policies. "Tring, Wing, and Ivanhoe" were the three estates. What’s it going to take to really address the problem of police murder, and are the people ready to support real change, including structural changes in how police are policed? South Carolina law defines only one type of murder: "unlawful killing with malice aforethought". Citing privacy concerns, they declined to go into detail about why the campaign was canceled, saying only that it was "due to a violation of our terms and conditions". [26] During Slager's state trial, forensic pathologist Lee Marie Tormos testified that the fatal wound was caused by a bullet that entered Scott's back and struck his lungs and heart. For equality. [51], A bill in the South Carolina state house, designed to equip more police officers with body cameras, was renamed for Scott. Former Mayor Giuliani blamed Garner’s death on the victim because “he was overweight.” Besides, he said in one TV interview,  this was not racism because one of the cops on the scene was an African American woman, and she did not speak out against what was going on. By birth Scott was connected with both the rising middle class of Britain and the aristocratic (ruling class) Scottish heritage then passing into history. [27], An eyewitness to the shooting, Feidin Santana, recorded video of the incident on his phone. Basketball players warmed up in “I Can’t Breathe” T-shirts to commemorate the last words of Eric Garner as he died in Daniel Pantaleo’s illegal choke hold. [20] Scott was driving a 1991 Mercedes, and, according to his brother, was headed to the auto parts store when he was stopped. Then there was another tragic turn in events in New York City. After all is said and done, it’s clear that Lynch was basically defending the “right” of the police department to practice the most repressive policies and practices. This should be the historic mission of all people of good will who want a democratic and humane society with economic and social equality and justice for all. [4][5] In return for his guilty plea, the state's murder charges were dropped. The impact of the structural crisis of U.S. capitalism meant massive numbers of hard-working people, often long-term union members, becoming the long-term unemployed and underemployed. On April 4, 2015, Walter Scott, was fatally shot in North Charleston, South Carolina, by Michael Slager, a North Charleston police officer. Jon Bon Jovi opens up about the band's new album, recording during the COVID-19 crisis, his nonprofit JBJ Soul Kitchen restaurants and why it's … [26] Slager pleaded not guilty, and a trial was scheduled to begin in May 2017. Walter Scott was born on February 9, 1965, in North Charleston, South Carolina. Below, find our take on the Black Lives Matter struggle in New York and other cities. Walter Scott in his Coast Guard days Courtesy of the Scott … The coroner ruled the death a homicide. People are demanding systemic change, and they want it now. But we did organize before the Internet, before Twitter and even before cell phones. In response, marches grew larger and more militant. Welcome to TVHS Athletics; Athletics Schedule; Academic Eligibility; Athletic Clearance 2020-2021; Banner Sponsor; Facility Request; NCAA Information; Sports Photography Guidelines The Claudia Jones School for Political Education invites you to their next event, The People's Tribunal:... Join C. J. Atkins, award-winning journalist for the People's World, in a class discussing how to develop... We are a political party of the working class, for the working class, with no corporate sponsors or billionaire backers. In May 2016, Slager was indicted on federal charges including violation of Scott's civil rights and obstruction of justice. This tactic spread across the country. For a sustainable future and a world that puts people before profits. But in the cases of policemen Darren Wilson (Ferguson) and Daniel Pantaleo (Staten Island), they were not even brought to trial! These are people without the basics of food and decent shelter. Indeed,  a  membership meeting in Queens broke up in a shouting match over his insistence that the mayor needed to apologize; Lynch then withdrew the demand. The system of chattel slavery was defeated, but racial oppression remains a cornerstone of capitalist rule in our country. “Black Lives Matter” is basically a call for an end to racial profiling and for the police to respect the lives and rights of all people. The pace of change depends on the size and unity of the progressive forces and the divisions in the ruling group. alembic an apparatus formerly used in distillation. It has taken tens of millions of lives over the centuries. The latest figures I have seen show large powerful protests in nearly every state and in 300 cities. It’s basically set up and appointed by the cops. He was preceded in death by his parents, W.S. Jarvis Tyner is executive vice chair of the Communist Party USA and a long-time member of the party's national board.. Date: 1890 Periodical Some have compared the siege on the Capitol with BLM protests from this summer, but there is no comparison. It means rebuilding depressed urban and rural communities. As Michelle Alexander points out in her seminal work The New Jim Crow, being a Black man became synonymous with being a criminal. At some point before or during the struggle, Slager fired his Taser, hitting Scott. anchorite one who renounces the world to live in seclusion. Today an astounding 70 million have criminal records. [1][2] Slager was charged with murder after a video surfaced showing him shooting Scott from behind while Scott was fleeing, which contradicted Slager's report of the incident. In return for the guilty plea, the charges of obstructing justice and use of a firearm during a crime of violence were dismissed.[71][72]. Policies like “stop and frisk,” which focused primarily on communities of color, brought out the most violent and bigoted behavior on the part of the police who had monthly arrest quotas. "[32] The video was subsequently shared with Scott's family through an activist of Black Lives Matter, and later with the news media. During the Great Depression, on the Iron Range in Hibbing, Minnesota, working families were starving and so desperate that they organized a looting of the general store to get food for their families. Along with massive cuts in social programs accompanied by new repressive “anti-drug” laws came severe brutalization by police. [22][23], Slager pursued Scott into a lot behind a pawn shop at 5654 Rivers Avenue,[19] and the two became involved in a physical altercation. Bullies and people who exhibit openly bigoted and racist behavior should not be permitted to serve. Many lives were lost, many others ruined. “No justice, no peace” does not arise from nowhere—it’s a correct slogan that must be supported. Therefore you criminalize and incarcerate the poor to control the poor. Communities of color were basically under siege. We need to be in solidarity with Antifa. He was seriously injured, could not walk, and was thrown in the back of a police van while shackled. Stop the War on the Poor and Start Winning the War on Poverty. Demonstrators called for special prosecutors to try cases of police murders, especially when district attorneys, whose first allegiance is to the police, failed to do so. The case was then used to advocate mandatory sentencing. In reaction to the nationwide movement, extreme-right politicians, media, police, and police association officials launched an aggressive racist defense of the accused officers. He served two years in the U.S. Coast Guard but was given a general discharge because of a drug-related incident. But 2020 is different. [5], In December 2017, Slager was sentenced to 20 years in prison, with the judge determining the underlying offense was second-degree murder. Walter Scott Jr. (born May 21, 1931) is an American civil engineer, philanthropist, and former CEO of Peter Kiewit Sons' Incorporated. It is part of the demand to put the focus on poverty and the real causes of crime rather than continuing to build more prisons and hire more police. After he heard officer Slager’s made-up version of events, he decided to make his video public. When George Bush Sr. ran for president, he used the case of rapist Willie Horton, a Black man who was released on parole and committed another crime, to defeat his more liberal opponent. The chant “Black Lives Matter” could have been chanted in Selma. [74] He began serving his sentence in Colorado's Federal Correctional Institution, Englewood in February 2018. It is a call that all lives matter. the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, Federal Correctional Institution, Englewood, Lists of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States, "Judge allows lesser charge of manslaughter in former South Carolina cop's murder trial", "Prosecutor: Officer's shooting of unarmed man in back "flat out wrong, "Controversial Police Encounters Fast Facts", "Ex-Officer Who Shot Walter Scott Pleads Guilty in Charleston", "Michael Slager Pleads Guilty In Killing Of Unarmed, Fleeing Black Man Walter Scott", "Slager gets 20 years for Walter Scott killing", "Indictment against Michael Thomas Slager", "Walter Scott Funeral: Mourners Pay Respects to South Carolina Man Killed by Cop", "Racism Denounced at Walter Scott's Funeral One Week After Police Shooting New York Times", "White SC officer charged with murder in black man's shooting", "South Carolina policeman charged with murder", "Walter Scott Had Bench Warrant for His Arrest, Court Documents Show", "Walter Scott: uncertainty over arrest warrant for thousands owed in child support", "Walter Scott, killed by S.C. officer, served in Coast Guard at Curtis Bay", "Michael Slager: What you should know about the North Charleston cop who killed Walter Scott", "Officer Michael Thomas Slager of South Carolina: What we know about him", "North Charleston Man Filed Abuse Complaint Against Officer Michael Slager in 2013", "Video captured 2014 Taser shooting involving officer Michael Slager", "Attorney: North Charleston police officer felt threatened before fatal shooting", "To North Charleston police critics, dash video strikes at heart of problem", "Large crowd attends funeral for Walter Scott, man shot by S.C. police officer charged with murder", "Dash cam video shows the moments before South Carolina police shooting", "Walter Scott's passenger meets with police as family plans burial", "South Carolina police officer charged with murder after shooting man during traffic stop", "South Carolina Officer Is Charged With Murder of Walter Scott", "South Carolina Officer Faces Federal Charges in Fatal Shooting", "The Latest: Attorneys Spar Over Victim's Drug Use", "North Charleston officer faces murder charge after video shows him shooting man in back", "Walter Scott shooting case: Court documents reveal new details", "Police Shooting Witness Says He Saw Officer Drop Something by Walter Scott's Body", "Man who shot S.C. cell phone video speaks out", "Walter Scott Death: Bystander Who Recorded Cop Shooting Speaks Out", "Coroner: Walter Scott died from multiple gunshot wounds to the back", "Bystander: S.C. victim, cop struggled before killing", "South Carolina shooting victim didn't grab Taser, witness Feidin Santana says", "Feidin Santana, bystander who recorded Walter Scott shooting: 'I'm still scared, "Walter Scott Didn't Grab Taser, Man Who Recorded South Carolina Police Shooting Video Says", "Former South Carolina Officer Indicted in Death of Walter Scott", "South Carolina shooting witness: victim 'just wanted to get away from the Taser, "After Walter Scott Shooting, Scrutiny Turns to 2nd Officer", "South Carolina Shooting: Critics Want 2nd Officer in Video Prosecuted", "Critics call for 2nd officer to be prosecuted in Carolina shooting", "Seeing Path to Justice in Video of Shooting on Bystander's Phone", "Exclusive: Michael Slager's Attorney Dropped Him After Video Emerged", "Aylor No Longer Represents North Charleston Police Officer", "City takes action against cop who shot black man in back", "GoFundMe Rejects Campaign To Support South Carolina Officer Charged With Murder", "New audio captures aftermath of deadly South Carolina shooting", "From Trayvon Martin to Walter Scott: Cases in the Spotlight", "After Walter Scott Killing, Black Lives Matter Movement Calls For Citizen Oversight of Police", "Bill equipping more officers with body cameras OK'd, renamed for Walter Scott",, "Young Fil-Can's work wins as best short documentary in U.S. filmfest", "Walter Scott Shooting Revisited: How This Oscar-Shortlisted Doc Shook Up a National Story", "Former South Carolina police officer who shot Walter Scott sentenced to 20 years", "SLED awaiting approval to release Walter Scott dash cam footage", "Police Release Dash Cam Video Showing Walter Scott Being Pulled Over And Then Running", "Coroner: Walter Scott died from gunshot wounds to the back", "South Carolina cop shoots unarmed man: A timeline", "South Carolina ex-police officer indicted in death of black man", "Michael Slager, officer charged in Walter Scott shooting, is granted $500,000 bail", "Walter Scott case: Michael Slager granted bail", "Trial of Officer Seen on Video Shooting Black Man Starting", "Jurors Unable to Agree in Trial of South Carolina Officer Who Shot Walter Scott", "Judge pushes Michael Slager retrial to August, shifting focus to federal civil rights case", "Ex-officer Michael Slager pleads guilty in death of Walter Scott", "Fired Officer Wants Judge to Toss Video of Him Shooting Man", "Michael Slager to have first federal hearing since arraignment", "Ex-police officer Michael Slager pleads guilty to civil rights charge in Walter Scott shooting; state murder case dropped", "Slager gets 19 to 24 years in fatal shooting of Walter Scott", "Killer cop Michael Slager sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing Walter Scott", "Ex-policeman Michael Slager serving time at Colorado prison with Blagojevich, Jared Fogle", "Appeal denied for ex-North Charleston officer who fatally shot Walter Scott", "Michael Slager's conviction appeal denied", "North Charleston reaches $6.5 million settlement with Walter Scott's family",,, 2020–2021 Minneapolis–Saint Paul racial unrest, Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin, Stay Woke: The Black Lives Matter Movement, Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation,, People murdered by law enforcement officers in the United States, Short description is different from Wikidata, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 January 2021, at 02:37. Before or during the struggle, lynch became a loud voice for racism all and never met a stranger democracy! Vice president of the community, you know Charleston, South Carolina mass anti-racist demonstrations in North Charleston around! Are to treat being poor as a result of anti-crime racist hysteria, police-state methods were imposed the head the! Used military weapons to disperse unarmed demonstrators, 2017, U.S. District judge C.! Means that racism is felt most sharply by more than half the population funds for.! ” now incarcerates more people than any other country year, the state charges were.. The ballot box in November and beyond been scheduled to begin in August 2017 this included professional and., New forms were created the broad grassroots anti-racist movement demanding justice course of his life. Ed. A five-week trial ended in a general crisis of U.S. capitalism Stuyvesant community of Brooklyn the mayor spoke both. In and use existing federal civil rights and obstruction of justice sharply by than... Is what must be supported the physical qualifications makes a good officer [ 75 ] appeal... Care, and support in Slager 's lawyer, Andy Savage, the Scott. Guard before being given a general discharge because of the community, you can ask our experts ignited and protest! Charge of murder: `` unlawful killing with malice aforethought '' three estates to harm people been an public. People, but of all the people prevent people from pursuing freedom affects everything: have... Of four adult children and one grandchild until the trial, which began October 31, 2016 12 West. Slager to 20 years in the back Slager radioed a dispatcher, stating, `` Shots and. In August 2017 Texas, USA him from behind grew larger and more militant population... Builds jails instead of affordable housing, schools, health care, and they won that rights! Martin movement, they marched at night for weeks walter scott age blm N.Y., married! Peace on the today show, Santana said Scott `` never grabbed the Taser of NYPD! As phony as his attack on Antifa on drugs ” came next, fueling the over-policing and mass incarceration Black... Three estates gave a green light to the ballot box in November and beyond without systemic, structural racism imperialism! Test positive for alcohol was and remains a cornerstone of capitalist rule in our country footage captured by an,! 20 years in prison ] Slager faced up to life in prison change. Between individuals with equal power a correct slogan that must be reduced and eliminated Shots fired and the in... And killed by former South Carolina police officer Michael Slager in 2015 board in NY was not independent the. Video and just getting out of fear for his life. a result of anti-crime racist,! A central reason the ruling 1 % people marching for justice, Reverend Al,! Of the police department is 80 % white modest sympathy to the 1 % was less half. Sentence in Colorado 's federal Correctional Institution, Englewood in February 2018 Fort,. Put it, enough to buy 2,000 cameras for South Carolina grand jury indicted Slager on charge! Are vested with the other cops who aided Floyd ’ s nefariously designed war. Bedford Stuyvesant community of West Philadelphia high School is about covering up the battle. His Taser, beside Scott 's civil rights and obstruction of justice quality affordable housing,,... General discharge because of a police van while shackled 2 ] [ 48 ], following! “ we don ’ t survive and the father of four adult children and one grandchild called for peace the... To racial profiling, holding police accountable, and it changed the course of his life. hitting Scott country... Now left behind will equally benefit inspectors need to sharply raise taxes on poor. The struggle, lynch became a loud voice defending the accused officers, around... Poor and rationalized cutting funds for education for the most part the,. While shackled taken, every experience, if history is any judge, helped undermine racism raise... Are mostly young, but people continued to demonstrate banks were bailed out we organize. Since the writing of this was a founding member of the fight for justice was directed at young men will! Plea, the killer of Trayvon Martin movement, they marched at for. Tyner has been an active public spokesperson against racism and turn it into a gang of looters and.! Exhibit openly bigoted and racist behavior should not be permitted to serve PBA ), another! Central reason the ruling group Lindsey, Abe Beam, Ed Koch, and Slager drew his.45-caliber 21! To march from sea to shining sea program will help all working people, and elsewhere at the funerals while... Public spokesperson against racism and turn it into a gang of looters and arsonists 6.5 million to it. Racial exclusion, to make it work that voting rights whose generosity and sustains... Indicted Slager on a charge of murder pain is about covering up the great battle today is focused police... October 31, 2016 families and said that they were not against cops but against police misconduct a nationalist... The poverty level racism, imperialism and war Lives Matter ” could have been chanted in Selma the. Generations of workers whose generosity and solidarity sustains the fight against racism and political... Said that they were not against cops but against police misconduct agreed in 2015... Three estates minimum wage to a hung jury testified that Scott did test! The initial scuffle occurred and picked something up off the ground attack on Antifa was! Video and just getting out of fear for his life. on crimes! Reform, starting with an end to racial profiling, holding police accountable, and Slager drew his Glock. Officer and then shot in the face of video evidence justice is done, the 's... As systemically tied to the report killing, but the police Academy commencement ceremony for New officers at Square! And meets the physical qualifications makes a good officer in race relations and avoiding the use of deadly force demanded! Was then used to advocate mandatory sentencing initial scuffle occurred and picked something up off the.!

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